5 Ways WiFi Marketing Can Help Your Business Thrive Post-Lockdown

5 Ways WiFi Marketing Can Help Your Business Thrive Post-Lockdown

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Just under 16 months ago England went into its first COVID-19 lockdown. Since then the country has experienced many different restrictions and regulations, but these are to be lifted on the 19th of July. The hospitality sector has arguably been the hardest hit, so next Monday signifies a real turning point for everyone involved. With nightclubs finally being allowed to reopen their doors, and pubs and restaurants no longer needing to be table-service only, it’s an exciting time for the sector. Here at Unaro, we’re passionate about helping businesses thrive. So, in this post, we’re going to outline 5 ways that WiFi Marketing can help hospitality businesses in the coming weeks and months, post lockdown…

01. Rank higher in Google searches

The Google search results page is a competitive place and every business wants to be at the top in their local area. Alongside the usual website techniques, one way to help your business rank higher is to collect more online reviews. With WiFi marketing you can do this automatically, as every visitor to your business is emailed a feedback request 24 hours after their visit. Positive reviews go straight to Trustpilot or Google (helping you rank higher) and negative reviews are dealt with sensitively using a private feedback form. 

02. Grow your business’ social media following

When guests log into your business’ WiFi they’ll be prompted to engage with your social media accounts. Whether it be like your Facebook page or follow you on Instagram, with our WiFi marketing tool you can organically grow your online following. With more followers your posts get seen by more people, ultimately increasing your marketing efforts.

03. Understand your new peak times and customer demographics

The pandemic has changed a lot of people’s behaviour. With our WiFi Marketing tool, you can view your new peak times, average dwell times and customer demographics all from one easy to view dashboard. This makes it easy for you to make business decisions based on real customer data. For example, you can adjust your opening hours or staffing numbers accordingly. Get insight into your new normal.

04. Encourage customers to return to your business again and again

As part of the WiFi login process, your customers will be asked if they want to opt-in to your mailing list. If they sign up, their email address will be stored on the Unaro platform allowing you to send them marketing emails enticing them back to your venue. Whether it be a copy of your new menu or a 20% off voucher, emailing your customers is a great way to increase repeat business. Keep the post-lockdown buzz going all year round.

05. Reward your loyal customers

Within the WiFi Marketing dashboard, you can see how many times a customer has visited your business. Show appreciation to your loyal customers by sending them exclusive deals or rewards, and thank them for helping your business survive through this tough time. People who are impressed with your service (and grateful for their recognition) are likely to tell their friends and family about their positive experience. Word of mouth marketing is the most powerful form of marketing, make the most of this opportunity! 

Interested in getting WiFi Marketing set up for your business? Here at Unaro, we’re currently offering a free, no-obligation 30 day trial of our WiFi Marketing tool. Just drop your details in the form below and a member of our team will be in touch to help you get set up. Let us help your business thrive over the crucial coming months!

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