About Us


We totally made up the name, but we like it a lot.

Unaro stems from the word UNO, which means One. We wanted to create a product that would have everything you need to market your business in ONE, easy to use platform.

Our Story

Having vast knowledge and experience within the marketing and technology industry we (the team) saw a lack of friendly, comprehensive and affordable marketing solutions for the small to medium sized business market.

knowing this, we set out to change the game and create our very own all-in-one solution. That solution became Unaro. We wanted to change the user unfriendly, and often overly-complicated, nature of data collection and marketing tools for the better!

Our primary goal was for Unaro to help any business to increase their success through being able to improve their customer return rates, positive feedback and overall marketing. Making it easy to create high quality content for campaigns without the need of a marketing team or agency. 

Our approach is very much customer led, and we’ve built our business this way since day one. Gaining feedback from customers and business owners to make the platform as feature rich as possible, whilst still being easy to use.

We wanted to create something affordable, flexible and above all else something that works around the needs of any business – in any industry!

Our Team

Nathan Hanslip


Max Tomaszewski

Content Creator


Marketing Expert