Connect & Collect

Turn your free guest Wi-Fi into a two-way street...

Simply plug-and-play our access point into the back of your router to begin gathering customer data. Your customers will log into your guest Wi-Fi via a landing page. All of the details they enter will then be submitted into your Unaro dashboard. Over a short period of time, you will begin to grow a host of analytics, with invaluable insights into things like the demographics of your customers, return rates, dwell times, and so much more.

Branded Landing Pages

Make your business look & feel professional

Automated Business Growth

Collect marketing data from your guests without lifting a finger. Connect enables you to grow your mailing list, social media following and online reviews automatically from one place.

Invaluable Customer Insights

Use your guest WiFi to determine your peak times, average dwell times, customer return rate, and more. This information gives priceless customer insight, as well as allows you to reward customer loyalty.

Increased Customer Retention

Having collected valuable marketing information from your customers (fully compliant with GDPR, of course!), enter them into your personalised remarketing campaigns to entice them back to your business.

Learn More About Your Customers

Live customer insights from one easy-to-use dashboard

Get to know your customer base better with live customer insights, straight to your dashboard. Receive useful data such as..

  • Customer demographics
  • Dwell times
  • Return rate
  • Response rates
  • And much more!
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