Partnership Opportunity

The Unaro partnership model allows businesses that sell technology as a service to other businesses to build up a dependable additional monthly revenue stream with the product you already know and love.

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Let’s Work Together

We want what you want – to grow. Let’s join forces and make it happen. The partnership opportunity combines our services and expertise with your know-how and customer relationships. So we can reach further, build our capabilities and boost our businesses, together.

Reach Out To The World

The sky’s the limit within the Unaro Partnership. As a software based product, you can use our product anywhere in the world with an internet connection. With our simplistic plug and play system, getting customers actively online and collecting data couldn’t be easier.

The Onboarding Process

1. Sign Agreement

Full consultation on suitability, run through of the partnership program

End to end product run through

Sign agreement

2. Receive Full Product Training 

Full product training

How to pitch and position the product for sale

Marketing material

3. Ongoing Support

Monthly support meetings

Dedicated Messaging platform

Campaign materials

Earnings At Partnership Level

This starts at 30% and scales. We want to reward each of our qualified partners with a generous 30% commission for each licence sold to your customers. However, we fully believe in incentivising our partnership channel, therefore once you’ve reached a volume milestone, we’ll increase the percentage.

Join Our Growing Partners

Fully Supported And Onboarded

With our flexible recurring revenue model available there’s never been a better time to become an Unaro partner.


  • What commission can I earn & how does my business make money?
    Each partner is rewarded on the volume of their sales. Qualifying partners receive 30% discount on RRP. Once an agreed volume has been achieved we can discuss scalability.
  • What is a qualified partner?
    A qualified partner is a business that works in IT managed services, Marketing, Telecoms or as a Distributor with an active base of 5+ customers. 
  • Who collects the invoice?
    You do. You manage the customer and therefore will produce, send and collect the invoice with your margin within. We simply invoice and collect the licence fee from yourself. 
  • Do you provide full training and Marketing material?
    Of course! Your success is our success. We will provide you with plenty of training and marketing materials to assist you in approaching your customers and new prospects.
  • Do you offer a white label version?
    Unfortunately, we don’t. You’ll be selling Unaro as the Unaro platform. 
  • Can I have an exclusive area to work in?
    Unfortunately not. We want to operate in a fair space for all.
  • Do I still pay if my client doesn’t pay me?
    Yes. If a client doesn’t pay you, we can disable the service, but you are responsible for their billing and managing the client relationship.