What is WiFi Marketing?

What is WiFi Marketing?

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Gone are the days of providing Guest WiFi simply as a kind gesture for your visitors. Nowadays, guests almost expect it. Whilst giving out your WiFi password to your guests doesn’t sound like a big deal, there are two things to consider. Firstly, the hassle of giving out and being pestered for the password by every guest, and secondly, the security of your data if you allow people to use your company’s network. Here’s where WiFi Marketing comes in as a safer, more beneficial alternative. In this post, we’re going to outline what WiFi Marketing is as well as its benefits for businesses…

What is WiFi Marketing? 

In order to access your WiFi, guests login using their social media accounts or email address. Following login, guests are encouraged to engage with your social media pages by following or liking your page. As well as this, guests are also asked if they’d like to opt-in to be added to your mailing list. This can then be used in future marketing campaigns. 

What are the Benefits of WiFi Marketing?

+ Collect Invaluable Marketing Data From The Whole Party

Often, it is only the guest that made the booking that’s details you get to collect. With WiFi Marketing, however, you are able to collect the contact information for each member of the party that connects to your WiFi. So, rather than only being able to market to the booker directly, WiFi Marketing allows you to collect the details for everyone. This gives your campaigns far more reach and gets your messages out to a wider group of people. 

+ No Longer Be Asked For The WiFi Password

With guests using their own social media accounts or their email address to log in, there is no longer a WiFi password as such. This means your team will no longer be hassled for the login credentials and your customers will be able to access the internet on their own terms.

+ Understand Your Visitor’s Behaviour

It’s not only marketing data that is collected, WiFi Marketing solutions can also collect behaviour data too. Understand when your busy times are, the average length of time a customer spends at your venue as well as their return rates. This information is collected behind the scenes, simply based on internet usage and stored in a dashboard for you.

+ Keep Customer WiFi Separate From Your Staff WiFi

Whilst providing the same WiFi for staff and guests is hassle-free in terms of set up time, it is not without its disadvantages. In terms of security, if someone connects to your network with an infected device, this puts your business at risk. There are also risks of the WiFi slowing down for your team due to the increased use of the shared network. 

+ Send Users To Web Page After Login  

Have something specific that you’d like to promote to your guests? With WiFi Marketing, you can immediately send your guests to a specific webpage after they’ve logged in. Whether it be a link to your new menu, a page of your current offers or a self-check-in system, automatically send your visitors to that page. Get your website in front of your visitors.

WiFi Marketing has many benefits, from helping you build marketing lists, to protecting your business’ online security. Here at Unaro, we offer our very own WiFi Marketing Solution; Connect. Connect also links with our Email and SMS platforms, to make marketing to your customers as simple as possible. Collect, view and contact all of your customers from one easy-to-use marketing dashboard. As well as this, our WiFi Marketing tool also helps you automatically collect more genuine customer reviews, head to this blog to find out how to get more 5* reviews with Unaro Connect.

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