Hospitality: Building a Memorable Brand in 2024

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In an era defined by rapid technological advancements and shifting consumer expectations, the key to success lies in building a brand that resonates on a profound level. We’ll explore the dynamic intersection of innovation and timeless customer experience. We delve into the strategies that propel hospitality businesses beyond mere transactions, emphasising the creation of lasting memories. From leveraging cutting-edge technology to understanding the pulse of contemporary consumer desires, this blog navigates the ever-evolving landscape of hospitality brand building. 

Join us on an exploration of how, in a world saturated with choices, your brand can rise above the noise and etch itself into the hearts and minds of customers, forging an indelible connection that defines the very essence of hospitality in 2024.

Understanding Your Unique Identity

Embark on a journey to discover and define what makes your hospitality business unique. Whether it’s a boutique hotel, a cosy bed and breakfast, or a trendy restaurant, understanding and embracing your unique identity forms the foundation for successful branding. Points to be considered when working through this process:

Define Your Audience: Understand your target demographic. Things like: age, disposable income, interests, and experiences. Understand their preferences and needs. Shape these answers to create your ideal guest type. Tailor your unique identity to align with the desires of your ideal guests.

Crafting a Compelling Narrative: Storytelling is a powerful tool for creating an emotional connection with your audience. Creating a brand story that resonates with guests, evokes positive emotions and will distinguish your business from the competition. 

When creating your narratives, consider some of these points: the origins of your business, why you decided to start it, details of the cuisine you’re serving, and where they came from. What makes it special? Is there a health benefit? Will it make you feel a particular way? This level of detail will help create depth to your brand, rather than being another ‘restaurant’ or ‘bar’ on the high street. 

Building an Online Presence: In the digital age, your online presence is often the first interaction potential guests have with your brand. When thinking digital, cover these bases to ensure an effective online presence for discoverability, increased bookings, brand awareness and reviews. 

Google My Business: This is a free tool provided by Google that allows you to create a free business listing showing your address, telephone number, website and a place to collect reviews. Having a GMB linked to your website will also help you to become more discoverable locally. 

Engaging Website: A visually stimulating website is an effective way to show new guests everything that’s great about your business. From the features of your decor, signature dishes or theatrical cocktails. Your website could even provide a slick and convenient way to make bookings directly with a reservation feature.  

Social Media: These platforms can play an important role in growing your brand, with the majority of them being very visual leads. Take advantage of being able the show the business at different points of the day, specific events, product launches and advertise upcoming dates to maximise bookings. Sharing, liking and commenting on user-generated content (UGC*) is always good to give back and communicate with your community.

(*UGC= If a guest were to take some nice pictures whilst in your establishment and share those images on social media, and they tag or mention your business. Almost like a miniature digital shout out)  

Collecting Reviews: This serves as a crucial avenue for individuals seeking a business similar to yours to convey positive sentiments about their firsthand positive experiences as customers. As easy as this sounds, collecting data and politely asking for a review isn’t. Systems like Unaro provide a free-to-use Smart Wifi system for guests on the premises. In exchange for the use of the Wifi, the system asks for a few details login, with consent that then becomes available to the premise owner who can use these details to market to. Within the system, you can automate a request within 24 hours to email the customer if they’d like to review on Google for example. This is an efficient and effective way to build up a collection of genuine reviews. 

Consistent Experiences

Consistency is key in hospitality branding, this means ensuring that every interaction a guest has with your establishment is aligned with the brand identity and promises that you’ve established. Creating a seamless and reliable experience across all touchpoints of the guest experience, from the first online interaction to the moment guests leave. Here are our top 5 points to focus on for consistency: 

Online Cohesion: provide a consistent online experience, aligning your website, social media, and online communication with how you set out your online presence.

Visual Consistency: Ensure a uniform visual identity across all platforms, including logos, color schemes, and design elements, for instant brand recognition.

Guest-Centric Journey: Craft a cohesive guest journey from booking to check-out, maintaining the high quality of amenities and services promised, while allowing for personalised touches within the framework. 

Unified Ambiance: Maintain a consistent atmosphere that reflects your brand throughout all areas of your business premises. 

Service Excellence: Create and uphold specific service standards to consistently deliver the level of service aligned with your brand promise.


Building a memorable brand in the fiercely competitive hospitality industry requires a strategic approach that resonates with guests. As we explored, understanding your unique identity lays the foundation, tailoring your brand to the desires of your ideal guests. Crafting a compelling narrative adds depth, utilising storytelling to create emotional connections that distinguish your business. An irresistible online presence enhances discoverability and engagement, from Google My Business to visually stimulating websites and active social media engagement.

Consistency is paramount in hospitality branding, with a focus on online cohesion, visual consistency, a guest-centric journey, unified ambience, and service excellence. In a landscape where guests have numerous options, loyalty becomes a valuable asset, and data-driven personalisation emerges as a powerful tool for success in the evolving hospitality landscape of 2024.

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