3 Social Media Updates To Be Aware of In October 2021

3 Social Media Updates To Be Aware of In October 2021

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The product development teams over at the social media giants, are always working on releasing new updates, and this month is no different. With a flurry of new features and updates to get acquainted with, here’s a summary of three to be aware of this October…

01. Facebook Introduced Split Testing Of Organic Content

Built-in A/B tests have been available within the Facebook ad platform for a while but they have recently released the capabilities for testing organic content too. Whether you want to test the creative, copy or links within a post, a split test is a great way to discover what resonates with your audience. Testing is the best way to create better content so we’re thrilled to see this feature added to the Facebook suite. Here are the steps to set up a content test of your own.

02. Twitter Is Testing ‘Communities’

Twitter Communities is a very new addition to the platform and enables people to interact with people with similar interests (a bit like Facebook groups). As it stands, to be added to a Community you need to be invited by a current member and once you join, you can invite 5 more people. Tweets in Communities can be seen by anyone on Twitter, but only others within the Community itself can engage and participate in the discussion.

03. Instagram Has Released A Montage Feature.

If we weren’t already sure enough that Instagram is trying to get us all using Reels, they’re now introducing a ‘Montage’ feature too. This allows users to turn their Instagram stories into Reels with ease. Essentially, users can link a series of stories together, add music over the top and then publish them the same way as Reels.

Other notable features added over the last few weeks include; LinkedIn’s Competitor Analysis tool, TikTok’s Live Centre and Twitter’s Super Follows. Which is your favourite new feature this month? Here at Unaro, we’re particularly keen to give Facebook’s split testing a go and test lots of different copies and creatives!

Looking for a way to grow your social media following authentically? Unaro can help you with that! Encourage your visitors to engage with your social media pages as soon as they’ve logged into your guest WiFi, and watch your business’ engagement multiply. Interested in finding out more? Simply enter your details below and a member of our team will be in touch.

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