21 Instagram Post Ideas For Restaurants

Consistency is crucial for social media success. But, what can you post on your restaurant’s Instagram account? To help make things a little easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of 21 different post ideas. Our whole mission at Unaro is to make marketing simpler for small business owners, so here’s a solid start to your […]

3 Social Media Updates To Be Aware Of In April 2022

As we move into Q2 of 2022, here are all things social media you should be aware of. Whether it be for creating or consuming content, these are all the latest updates you should pay attention to. From TikTok to Linkedin, we’ll cover all of the social media giants in this short post…   1. […]

A Business Guide To TikTok: B2C vs B2B

business tiktok b2b b2c

Where does your business fit into the TikTok world? Let’s find out… By now you must have heard of a little platform called TikTok. Everyone and their dog seems to be using this strange new platform that has very quickly shadowed its competitors. And it’s not even just other social media platforms that are trying […]

3 Social Media Updates To Be Aware Of In March 2022

The world of social media is always changing and updating, and staying up to date with current trends is no mean feat. Here at Unaro, we compile a monthly roundup of all of the key updates to make social media marketing that little bit easier. From Meta to LinkedIn, here are the platform changes to […]

A Beginner’s Guide To User Generated Content

importance of ugc

Smartphones allow us to take pictures of everything we do, everywhere we go, and everything we eat. We can then share these photos online, with thousands of people, with minimal effort. User Generated Content (UGC) often fills our feeds but what exactly is it? And what benefits does it have for the brands featured? As […]

3 Social Media Updates To Be Aware Of In February 2022

february social media updates

Another month, another social media roundup. Unlike in other industries, January certainly wasn’t a slow month in the world of social media. Instagram, in particular, has been working on a range of highly-requested updates and features which are slowly beginning to roll out. TikTok and Twitter have also been releasing their fair share of features […]

3 Social Media Updates To Be Aware Of In January 2022

Social Media Updates January

As we start 2022, here are the latest social media updates to be aware of. The social media platforms are constantly releasing new updates and here are the most noteworthy this month. Let’s get into the social media updates for January 2022… 01. Twitter Is Testing A Full-Screen Display for Explore The full-screen, vertical scrolling […]

3 Social Media Updates To Be Aware Of In December 2021

december social media update

As 2021 comes to a close and businesses start winding down for Christmas, the social media giants don’t seem to be following suit and slowing down their pace. November saw Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok all make changes and upgrades to their platforms. The world of social media is constantly evolving, so here are […]

3 Social Media Updates To Be Aware of In November 2021

October Social Media Updates 2021

It’s been another busy month in the world of social media, particularly for those over at TikTok. The platform has now hit 1 billion monthly users which comes just 5.1 years since its launch. To put the scale of this growth into context, this is far quicker than the other app giants; Facebook (8.7 years), […]

3 Social Media Updates To Be Aware of In October 2021

The product development teams over at the social media giants, are always working on releasing new updates, and this month is no different. With a flurry of new features and updates to get acquainted with, here’s a summary of three to be aware of this October… 01. Facebook Introduced Split Testing Of Organic Content Built-in […]