3 Social Media Updates To Be Aware Of In January 2022

3 Social Media Updates To Be Aware Of In January 2022

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As we start 2022, here are the latest social media updates to be aware of. The social media platforms are constantly releasing new updates and here are the most noteworthy this month. Let’s get into the social media updates for January 2022…

01. Twitter Is Testing A Full-Screen Display for Explore

The full-screen, vertical scrolling format made popular by TikTok is now being tested on Twitter too. Whilst it makes sense from a familiarity point of view (and potentially growth), is all of the social media platforms morphing into one a good thing? Only time will tell… But, those who use Twitter as part of their social strategy might see an increase in their engagement following this update.

02. Facebook Launches ‘Professional Profiles’ 

Following in the footsteps of other platforms, Facebook have now also launched their version of ‘Professional Profiles’. According to Facebook themselves, ‘Professional mode will open up access to post, audience and profile insights, as well as give easy access to monetization features – all in one place.’ For anyone in the creator space, this feature is certainly one to look into. 

03. Delete Individual Photos From An Instagram Carousel

Instagram has introduced a native feature enabling users to delete one specific post from a carousel. Prior to this, users had to delete the entire carousel and repost it if they wished to edit their carousel. To delete just one image, open the carousel post within the app. Then click the three dots to the right of the post and click ‘edit’. Scroll to the image you want to delete and tap on the bin icon. When the pop-up appears, click ‘delete’. It’s as simple as that!

Other social media news to be aware of in January:

  • TikTok is preparing to launch delivery-only restaurants across the United States in March. The menu will draw upon the most popular viral food posts on TikTok and will be amended quarterly with new dishes that have started to go viral. 

  • Instagram has added a whole host of features with wellbeing and protection of younger users in mind. There’s a new parental control option allowing parents and guardians to set time limits on the app, the option for ‘Take a Break’ prompts after a certain period of activity, and prompts for users to check out other topics if they’ve been dwelling on certain topics for too long. They’re also removing the ability for users to tag or mention teens who don’t follow them. 

  • Found in the Creator Studio, Facebook has created a new ‘Inspiration Hub’. This section highlights trending content and hashtags within categories related to your business page. This can be sorted by the last day, week, or month. There are also a range of filters to choose from to narrow down the ‘inspiration’ included.

  • The head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, has said they’re working on a version of the feed that shows posts in chronological order, unlike its current algorithm that is based on user preferences. They’re targeting Q1 of this year for launch and having the chronological feed will be entirely optional and based on user preference. 

With lots of changes this month, we hope this post makes planning your 2022 strategy that little bit easier. If you’re looking for a tool to help you grow your social media following on auto-pilot, enter your details in the form below and one of the Unaro team will be in touch.

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