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What Is The Best Outdoor WiFi Solution?

With current legislation in the UK only permitting pubs, bars and restaurants to serve guests from their outside seating, having a WiFi connection that reaches your outdoor tables has never been more important. Not only do diners often expect free WiFi as part of their experience, many PDQs and EPOS systems often rely on a solid connection to work. When serving guests outside, far away from your router, this could become an issue… So, in this short blog, we’re going to outline a number of different outdoor WiFi solutions as well as their pros and cons. 

What Is The Best Outdoor WiFi Solution?

– WiFi Booster

WiFi Boosters are usually only a good temporary solution. This is because they usually drop out and disconnect from each other. As well as this, with this solution, there is no CAT5/CAT6 cable linking the WiFi booster to the main network. This means they usually drop out if the line of sight is blocked. Whilst WiFi boosters can be beneficial around the home and in very short term situations, they’re not overly reliable. 

– 4G Router

4G Routers can be a good tool to use, however, having an additional router would mean your business would now have two networks. In simpler terms, this means your EPOS outside, will struggle to communicate with your tills/printers inside. As well as this, you are very reliant on having a great 4G connection which cannot always be guaranteed. 

Additional Access Points 

In our opinion, having additional access points installed is the best Outdoor WiFi Solution. Having an external access point installed outdoors, in the right location, ensures full coverage both inside and outside your venue. As well as this, this solution means you can also maintain the same internet speeds throughout the building, and all of your equipment can be in the same network.

Not only do these solutions allow you to extend your WiFi to your outdoor areas, but the Unaro Outdoor WiFi Solution also allows you to provide free guest WiFi too. It uses Access Points, and in return for providing WiFi to guests at your venue, your business can grow its online reviews, social media following and mailing list. How? With our clever landing page and software automation. The entire Unaro system is completely GDPR compliant and allows you to receive something in return for offering Guest WiFi. 

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