Email Design 101

Get Started with Email Marketing Design

From content to colours, images to layout, scroll through this guide for tips on how to create engaging emails…

Email Design 101

Get Started With Email Design

From content to colours, images to layout, scroll through this guide for tips on how to create engaging emails…

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Be Concise

Only include necessary text in your email. Reduce the number of words until you're just saying the bare minimum you need to get your message across.

Space It Out

Rather than one long paragraph, break your content down into sentences or bullet points. Add plenty of line breaks.

Choose One Message

Focus on just one main topic, additional topics can be turned into additional emails. Don't cram too much into one email.


Add Headers & Footers

Include your business' logo in your email's header and your contact details & social media accounts in your footer.

Rank By Importance

Include the most important information at the top of the email. People often don't read the whole thing, so put the key details first.

Use White Space

Include lots of empty space to make your design easier on the eye. Add plenty of space between each content block.


Use Real Photos

Rather than use stock images, include your own brand's photography. You could even include your customers' photos if you credit them!

Include Your Logo

Make sure to include your logo in your email. The most common position for it is at the top in the email header.

Reduce File Sizes

Make sure your image files aren't too big. Use a file resizing tool before you upload them to ensure your recipients can receive and view them.


Use Your Brand's Colours

Make sure to include your brand's colours throughout your email. Here at Unaro, our brand colours are red, orange and yellow.

Consider Dark Mode

Some of your recipients might have dark mode switched on. Think about how your email's colours will look on both dark and light mode.

Keep It Simple

It's often said that less is more. Don't go too overboard with the colours, keep it simple and easy on the eye.

Call to Action (CTA)

Add One Per Email

Include one main CTA per email so that there's no confusion for your recipients. Each email should have one main message and one CTA.

Make It Stand Out

Choose a bright stand-out colour for your CTA. Pick a colour that isn't one of your brand colours to help make it obvious.

Explain What Will Happen

Let your recipients know exactly what to expect when they click your CTA. Tell them if it'll take them to your website, to a form or make a call.

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