Located in the heart of Southampton, Bedford Place, Smugglers Bar & Restaurant is an award winning cocktail bar, serving a range of delicious dishes and mouth-watering cocktails.


When Kyle from Smugglers reached out to Unaro, he informed us that they were struggling to provide WiFi in the outside area of their restaurant. Not only was this frustrating to guests, but it meant their team couldn’t efficiently take payments or place orders outside. As well as this, they also needed a seamless feedback process.
They knew they were offering great food and service, but they wanted to engage with their customers more, and hear their feedback.


We provided them with Unaro Connect outdoor Wireless Access Points. This meant they were able to provide WiFi to their guests outside, as well as use their PDQ machines and ordering systems. Not only this, Unaro Connect enabled them to turn their Guest WiFi into an automated feedback system. They can now automatically collect five star reviews from their customers, whilst deflecting negative ones and handling them privately. The Unaro system has also helped them (GDPR-compliantly) capture invaluable information such as customer emails, names, date of births and mobile numbers.


Kyle and the team are now able to use their technology outside, providing great customer service during the warmer months. Not only this, but since using Connect, Smugglers have gathered an additional 63 5-star reviews and are now rated 4.7 stars on Google. They’ve also collected over 400 customer emails to use in their marketing and have seen a 35% customer return rate! This is all in the space of two months…

Since implementing Unaro they have also opened a new bar called Crib, which is also utilising Unaro’s services.

Kyle Wilks

” Unaro has been an extremely useful platform for us to engage with our customers and gather valuable data. The pandemic has had a huge impact on the hospitality sector and small businesses have had to adapt quickly and use every tool at their disposal to get through. Unaro has been one of the solutions we have found for increasing our marketing team’s productivity and improving our customer retention and engagement. “

Jack Purdie

” Unaro has been an incredibly valuable tool in our marketing toolbox. As a new business and new brand starting in a post-covid marketplace, we needed to leverage every tool we could. Unaro allowed us to quickly and easily capture data that we could then pass to our marketing team to re-market with relevant offers.”

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