free wiFi for your guests,
priceless data for your business.

Automate Your Marketing Using Your Guest WiFi.

Make your customers feel at home with a seamless guest WiFi log-in process.

Let Your WiFi Do Your Marketing

Collect marketing data from your guests without lifting a finger. Unaro Connect enables you to grow your mailing list, social media following and online reviews. How? By using your free Guest WiFi.

Invaluable Customer Behaviour Insights

Use your guest WiFi to determine your peak times, how long your customers typically stay at your venue as well as how often they return. This information can then all be used to reward those loyal to your brand.

Encourage Your Customers To Return

Having collected marketing information from your customers (compliant with GDPR), enter them into your re-marketing campaigns to entice them back to your business.

Easy Login For Guests, Effortless Marketing For You.

Watch your social media following grow by giving customers the option to engage with your channels upon login.

Keep customers in the loop by offering an email log in to then be added to your mailing list. Or, simply provide a QR code for them to scan.

Easy & Personal WiFi Login For Your Guests

Increase Social Followers & Mailing List

GDPR Compliant

How Your Industry Can Use Unaro




Customer provides their details to log in to your business WiFi

Connected! The customer is now on your business WiFi

Customer details are saved. Control which landing page they see upon login.

better understand your customers & your business.

This is much more than just providing free WiFi to your guests.

Connect allows you to dive into the analytics of your customers and visually see important user data that can power your marketing and help you make important business decisions.

Identify Busy Times, Days & Months

Work Out Your Target Customers Age, Gender & More

Ask Unique Questions On Login For Market Research

Craft Beautiful Custom Landing Pages In Five Simple Steps.

So Much More Than Providing Free WiFi To Your Guests.

Designing aesthetic landing pages for your guests has never been easier.

Allow your guests to feel at home with a bespoke landing page that greets them when they return, and introduces you to first timers.

Turn One-Off Visitors Into Loyal Customers.

Connecting with your customers has never been easier.

Our user-friendly dashboard enables you to identify and reward your loyal customers, as well as encourage those one-time visitors back to your business with an irresistible offer or incentive.

Build a profitable, loyal customer base for your business using our easy to set-up automations. Have our software do the legwork, leaving you more time to run your business.

Personalised marketing after their visit

identify & Reward loyal customers

Increase online reviews & divert negative

Set-up Is Simple.

Just Plug It In...

Just take your Unaro access point out of the box and plug it in. Setup within minutes and allow your guests to get connected to your free wifi.

Get stuck? Our team are available 24/7 to help you out!

Automate Your Feedback

91% of 18-34 Year Olds Trust Online Reviews.

24 hours after visiting your business, your guests will be sent an email asking for feedback.

Positive reviews are directed straight to your Google, Trip Advisor, or Trust Pilot to boost your online presence. Your more constructive reviews are sent to a private form allowing you to improve your service personally.

Better Together. Powerful Alone.

Although better as a whole, each service is designed to take your marketing to a whole new level. The power of an entire marketing team, put into one streamlined dashboard.


Make Your WiFi Do The Marketing


Create Beautiful, High Converting Emails In Minutes.


Message All Of Your Customers At The Click Of A Button.

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