What Is White Label WiFi & How Can It Help My Business?

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If you’re reading this then chances are you’re looking into white label WiFi. Maybe you’re wondering if white label Wi-Fi could help you and your business? Or maybe you’ve heard about white label wifi but don’t know what it is? 

In this brief article we’ll be looking in depth at the subject- what white label Wi-Fi is, what it can do, and how you could use it – plus the benefits it could bring to your business or company if you do. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive in. 


What Is a White Label Product?

A white label product is where a product or service is sold by one company, but made by another.

The term originated from the plain white labels that these products would have – for example, think of a clothing label. Most of the time, you buy clothing that has a label from the brand that sells it. White label clothing brands could literally supply clothes with plain white labels, ready for another company to buy their own logo onto the label. This practice is still commonly used for small clothing companies who want to sell clothes under their own branding, but don’t have the facilities to make their own clothes.

Now, white label products and services go way beyond this. There can be so many different products and services that use white label creators. This can include any consumer products, as well as services, such as wifi network services.


What Is White Label Wi-Fi?

As we’ve mentioned, white label products are made by one company but sold by another, under the branding of the second company – so white label wifi is just that. The wifi is provided by one company, but another business pays to sell the wifi service under their own branding.

This can make it hard to tell who actually supplies the wifi that you use, because the splash page, logo, dashboard, and other details all use the branding of one company – and that might not be the company that actually supplies it.


Would White Label Wi-Fi Use My Own Logo?

Yes, white label wifi would use your own logo. In fact, all the branding on the wifi service would be for your business – even the URL of the splash page or the URL of the login page can contain your company’s name.

This can be really useful if you know that a lot of customers will use your wifi, as it means a lot of people will see your branding – your company name, your logo, your information. And we all know that an important part of advertising is simply getting your company’s name out to clients and customers – that’s how you make sure that you are remembered and how you make sure that people come back time and time again.

White label Wi-Fi is one way you can make sure that you get better brand recognition from your customers – and your potential customers.


What Is Wi-Fi Marketing?

Wi Fi marketing is a new way that businesses can help push their branding, make their marketing better noticed, and get customer details and customer information.

Put simply, Wifi marketing is where a business lets people use their WiFi network for free, in exchange for personal details – usually this will be someone’s email address or phone number, as these are the details that allow a business to continue contacting the customer with special offers, marketing emails, phone calls, text messages, newsletters – whatever way you want to contact potential customers, getting an email address or a phone number can be vital.


Do I Have To Get a User’s Email Address?

Email address is one of the easiest pieces of data to get from a potential customer. People are used to entering email addresses when they sign up for newsletters or similar, meaning there is not too much hesitation for people to give their email addresses. However, you might find that email addresses are not the best for you.

Of course, in this day and age, you might want different details from your customers. You might want them to connect to your Facebook page, allowing you to show posts on their Facebook feed. Alternatively, you might want a different social media detail from the users of your wifi marketing network.

A WiFi marketing network is also a great way to get extra information from your users. For example, when guests connect to the wifi network, you could ask them to fill out a quick survey to show what they think about your business – a lot of people will give a lot of information in exchange for free WiFi access.


What Is The Link Between a Wi-Fi Marketing Platform & White Label Wi-Fi?

So why are we talking about WiFi marketing? Simple – with white label W-Fi, you can create a WiFi marketing platform that is complete with all your branding – your logo, your splash pages, and your whole company’s image will be present in the Wi-Fi that you let your guests connect to. This leaves a better impression – and compared to having a generic Wi-Fi splash screen, it makes a huge difference in how well clients remember your business’s name.


Is White Label Wi-Fi Hard To Set Up?

No, white label Wi-Fi is very simple to set up. The primary reason that people use white label Wi-Fi is that the Wi Fi provider takes care of all the technical aspects and all the complex software issues.

Once you select a white label Wi-Fi setup, you will get a plug-and-play setup, where you can have your Wi-Fi running in just a few clicks. This means that you can be ready for launch almost immediately – letting you focus on the more important aspects of running your business.


Can I Get Help With White Label Wi-Fi?

Yes, most providers of white label Wi-Fi will give you full technical help – though you should check a company’s pricing structure, as some Wi-Fi software providers might only manage certain details of your white label Wi-Fi on certain payment plans. Generally, the software side of your Wi-Fi will be handled by the supplier, and supplies also often have a knowledge base and tutorials to help you with any minor issues you or your visitors have with the platform.

This means that you can have a full white label Wi-Fi service without having to be at all WiFi savvy.


What Is Wi-Fi Savvy?

What do we mean by WiFi savvy? Simple – being aware of the technical side of WiFi. A lot of people aren’t WiFi savvy, and that’s fine – that’s why using a white label supplier can be so helpful – they manage the WiFi technical issues, from the domain to the site to the dashboard and, well, the whole system.


Is White Label Wi-Fi Right For Me?

White label Wi-Fi can be a great way to make sure that customers are aware of your brand. If you see value in providing a Wi-Fi service, having your own branded Wi-Fi network can be massively helpful. The best bit, of course, is that you won’t have to deal with any of the technical factors needed to create your own Wi-Fi network from scratch.

A considered and planned WiFi network can be a huge asset for your business. Something so simple can make all the difference to your customer experience. If you want to know the best way to optimise our services for the very best results, talk to one of our experts today.

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