3 Social Media Updates To Be Aware of In September 2021

3 Social Media Updates To Be Aware of In September 2021

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August was quite a busy month in the world of social media updates. Besides the three key ones mentioned below, LinkedIn announced they’re retiring their stories function, TikTok are trialling extending videos up to 10 minutes in length and Instagram are moving towards a link sticker rather than a swipe up as mentioned in our July Social Media Roundup. Here’s what to keep an eye on and consider as part of your social media strategy in September 2021…

01. TikTok Have Launched Stories

Oh, how the tables have turned. TikTok are slowly launching stories on their platform which sounds a little bit like *Instagram* to us… Considering users are served content based on their For You Page’s algorithm, rather than who they are following, it’ll be interesting to see how their pilot of stories plays out. A couple of notable differences between Instagram and TikTok stories are as follows; users can comment publicly on stories, you can see how many people have viewed a given story as well as whether or not you’re following those users. 

02. You Can Now Post Collaboratively From Two Instagram Accounts

Collaborating on Instagram just got so much easier! Two users can now post the same post together, with the content being published on both of their accounts and the likes/comments being shared too. The one post is shown to both users’ followers and the engagement is combined. For companies working with influencers (who can benefit from reaching their wider audience), this feature could be one to watch.

03. Facebook Are Introducing Reels On Their Platform 

In an attempt to capitalise on the success of TikTok and its short-form video, Facebook has announced that they’re going to be introducing Reels to the News Feed and groups. Not only can videos be made natively within the Facebook app, creators can also share their Instagram Reels onto Facebook too. This isn’t a surprising move considering almost half of all time spent on Facebook is currently spent watching videos anyway. 

With the platforms merging into one another, where will you be putting your focus moving forwards? Is your social strategy going to be based on TikTok and its trends, or Facebook and its multi-platform dominance? Here at Unaro, we can help you automate your business’ marketing and make growing a social media presence a breeze. Enter your details in the form below to find out more about what we do!

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