3 Social Media Updates To Be Aware Of In March 2022

3 Social Media Updates To Be Aware Of In March 2022

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The world of social media is always changing and updating, and staying up to date with current trends is no mean feat. Here at Unaro, we compile a monthly roundup of all of the key updates to make social media marketing that little bit easier. From Meta to LinkedIn, here are the platform changes to be aware of in March 2022…


01. Meta has launched Facebook Reels to all users

Just when you thought we weren’t seeing enough of Reels already, Meta have confirmed that they have launched Reels across Facebook for all users too. Considering Facebook lost roughly 1 million daily active users between Q3 and Q4 of 2021, it’s unsurprising that they’re trying to encourage people back to the platform by emulating TikTok’s success. 


02.TikTok videos can now be up to 10 minutes

Speaking of TikTok, they’ve extended the length of videos once again. When TikTok first launched the maximum length of a video was 15 seconds, now TikTok have started moving more into the realms of long form video. What will this mean for YouTube? Will users want to watch longer videos on app dominated by short snappy videos? Only time will tell… 


03. Instagram has added Story Likes

If like many others you find your Instagram stories to be your most interacted with content, this update is great news for you. Users can now like each other’s stories much like they would a feed post. The difference here, however, is these likes will not be public. Only the creator is able to see them. Story likes will not come through as a DM (filling your inbox), rather, they’re found in your story insights.



Other social media updates to be aware of:

  • Twitter has added the option for users to pin DMs within their inbox to keep track of any key conversations. This will be particularly useful for any businesses who use Twitter as a key customer service channel. 


  • One of their most asked-for updates… Snapchat is allowing users to update their usernames whilst keeping all other account data. This is something that hasn’t previously been possible. 


  • LinkedIn is testing the option to be able to switch off political posts and updates within your feed. Users will also soon be able to block posts on certain topics from appearing too.


Feeling overwhelmed with social media marketing generally? Want to take things back to basics? We’re here to help. We’ve put together a free social media marketing guide filled with; tips for finding your tone of voice, the best times to post for engagement as well as guidance on which hashtags to use. If you have any questions about anything social media marketing related, please don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll be happy to help!

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