3 Social Media Updates To Be Aware of In July 2021

3 Social Media Updates To Be Aware of In July 2021

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The social media industry is always evolving and changing, and keeping on top of all of the updates can be a challenge to say the least. Changes here, new features there, it’s a lot. So, here at Unaro, to help make your life simpler, we’re going to be rounding up a few of the key updates right here on our blog every month. This month’s edition is dominated by copycat apps as well as a glimmer of hope for social media managers everywhere in the form of links in stories. Let’s get into it, shall we?

3 Social Media Updates To Be Aware of In July 2021

01. Social Audio 

Social audio is nothing new for July but it’s certainly not going anywhere fast. Initially popularised by Clubhouse, all of the main social media channels have since created and launched their rival platforms. Facebook has Audio Rooms, Twitter has Spaces and most recently, Spotify has launched Greenroom. Being a native audio platform, Greenroom could be one to watch over the coming weeks and months if you’re keen to get involved with social audio. 

02. Youtube Shorts Have Come To The UK

Another rival for TikTok, Youtube Shorts have very recently made their way to the UK! Short, snappy videos shot on mobile… It’s a concept that sounds familiar, hey? Posted on a platform dedicated to video, it will be interesting to see how Shorts fare in comparison to the other replicas that haven’t been anywhere near as successful as TikTok. 

03. Links Are (Slowly) Coming To Stories!

As it stands, only accounts with 10,000+ followers on Instagram can post swipe up stories. But, it’s been announced that Instagram is currently testing a link sticker. This would allow users to link to a URL – potentially including those who haven’t yet reached that 10,000 follower milestone. It’s been confirmed that it’s a small test to begin with to see how this feature could be used (or misused). There’s also no date for when this could roll out to everyone but it’s very promising nonetheless. 

So, there we have it, a round-up of just a few of the latest updates in the world of social this month. Will you be getting involved with social audio in July or having a go at making Youtube Shorts? Here at Unaro we’re most excited about the prospect of being able to use links in stories, think of all the potential!

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