3 Social Media Updates To Be Aware of In August 2021

3 Social Media Updates To Be Aware of In August 2021

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Things are constantly changing and evolving in the world of social media. With each of the main platforms releasing updates all of the time, staying up to date can be a bit of a minefield. At the end of each month, we post a roundup of 3 updates that you should be aware of here on the Unaro blog. In case you missed it, here are July’s Social Media Updates

3 Social Media Updates To Be Aware of In August 2021

01. TikToks Extended To 3 Minutes

Announced at the beginning of July, TikTok has increased their maximum video length to 3 minutes. For those with lots of information to share, the additional time will come in very handy and save your viewers from hunting down your part 2, part 3 and so on… What will be interesting to see, however, is how many users watch videos that are the full 3 minutes, having become accustomed to short-form, rapid videos on the platform. 

02. Facebook Campaign Ideas Generator

Stuck with what to post? Facebook has just launched their Campaign Ideas Generator. Add your industry and which seasonal event you’d like content for, and Facebook generates a list of different campaign ideas. Whilst a lot of the suggestions are fairly broad at the moment, as the tool becomes more developed it could be very useful! Maybe bookmark this one for later…

03. Twitter Attempts E-Commerce 

All of the social platforms are turning to E-Commerce and this month it’s Twitter’s turn. Currently, in testing in the US, Twitter Shopping would allow users to browse products and purchase them from within the Twitter app. This isn’t Twitter’s first attempt at E-Commerce, back in 2015 they tested the ‘Buy Now’ feature before retiring it to focus on other areas of the platform. For businesses with a loyal Twitter following, this shopping option could be very fruitful.

Other updates this month include Instagram testing a TikTok-style vertical scroll explore page, Clubhouse being available to everyone and Pinterest adding more Pin insights… Which update are you most excited about this month? We can’t wait to see what our favourite brands and creators do with the extra 2 minutes available on TikTok!

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