3 Social Media Updates To Be Aware Of In April 2022

3 Social Media Updates To Be Aware Of In April 2022

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As we move into Q2 of 2022, here are all things social media you should be aware of. Whether it be for creating or consuming content, these are all the latest updates you should pay attention to. From TikTok to Linkedin, we’ll cover all of the social media giants in this short post…

1. LinkedIn Has Launched Newsletters For Company Pages

If you have an engaged LinkedIn audience then this update should definitely be one you consider. An extension of their ‘articles’ feature, this new Newsletter feature will allow companies to create a regular newsletter within the platform. You can choose how regularly you send it (daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly) and it’ll invite your page followers to subscribe when you publish the first edition of the newsletter. 

2. Polls And Stories Are Coming To TikTok 

TikTok copying features from other platforms? Did we ever think we’d see the day? Having established themselves in the infinite-scrolling video world it’s unsurprising that they’re now expanding into other social media realms. By mimicking a few of the other features we’re used to in the world of social, this could be the next phase in TikTok’s plan to become yet more mainstream.

3. Instagram Chronological Feed

We mentioned this one in last month’s update but it’s now officially here. This is available on both android and iOS, but not desktop, as of right now. There are two new feed options; favourites and following. ‘Favourites’ consists of accounts you choose and ‘Following’ is, as the name suggests, all of the accounts you follow. Both of these feed options are in chronological order. It’s important to note, however, that these cannot be set as the default feed. Instagram’s algorithmic feed will continue to be the default and you’ll need to manually switch to a chronological one if you want to. 

Other social media updates to be aware of: 

  • A recent study has found that Facebook’s Interest Targeting is inaccurate 30% of the time. This isn’t the first time that their interest targeting has come under inspection but is something worth baring in mind. 
  • Twitter has made ‘Professional Accounts’ available to all users. The benefits of a professional account include access to their ‘Ads Ecosystem’ as well as other future products such as Twitter Shopping. 
  • A win for all social media managers, desktop TikTok scheduling is now possible. Testing different times and days for posting just got easier (and more convenient!)

Here at Unaro, we post monthly social media updates to help you stay ahead of the curve with your marketing. In case you missed them, here are March’s updates and February’s updates. Our product Connect can help you streamline your social media growth, just enter your details in the form below to find out more.

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