Should You Be Using Copy Writing AI For Your Marketing?

Should You Be Using Copy Writing AI For Your Marketing?

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Artificial Intelligence is without a doubt the next big technological game-changer. This is purely down to its universal application. No matter the area or industry, AI will most likely have the means to make your life easier. One recent, and little known, application is in content writing. Many tech companies now claim that their software is just as good as hiring a marketer. But how good can it actually be?

In this brief article, we’ll explore what copywriting AI is and if it can really emulate the human touch of a trained copywriter.

What Is Content Writing AI?

There are many Content Writing AI programs currently available. However, each one does relatively the same thing. It will first ask you what kind of industry you work within, your required tone of voice and any keywords you need. Then, in a matter of seconds, it will begin writing for you. Whether it’s entire blog entries, articles or ad-copy; different platforms will offer different functions.

So yes, programs do exist that can produce written content for your business in a matter of a few minutes. The big question now is; will your readers be able to tell the difference?

We Tested It, So You Don’t Have To. 

Intrigued with the results ourselves, we spent the last few days testing out some of the bigger content writing AI tools. We wanted to see for ourselves if it could indeed write strong blog posts, indistinguishable from a genuine writer. The results were… well; you decide for yourself. 

We took 2 different AI tools and gave them the exact same brief: to write a blog introduction about WiFi data capture, aimed at business owners. Here are the results: 

Example 1: 

To stay competitive, it’s important to keep up with the latest technology. You may be wondering what Wi-Fi data capture is and how it could benefit your business. This article will answer these questions and more! Read on to learn about this new service for businesses. 

What Is Wi-Fi Data Capture? 

Wi-Fi data capture is a process that enables you to collect information from wireless networks in order to improve your customer experience. Some of the benefits include faster checkouts, better inventory management, and increased security among other things! So if you’re looking for an edge against competitors like Amazon Prime or Walmart, this might be the way forward. Let’s explore some of these benefits below:

Example 2: 

Wi-Fi data capture is a new way of gaining insights into the behaviors and preferences of your customers. This form of data collection allows businesses to track their customers in real time, without requiring them to download an app or provide personal information. Data collected through Wi-Fi networks can be used for marketing purposes by targeting consumers with ads based on their browsing habits, purchase history, and more.  The benefits of using this technology are that it provides an insight into customer behavior while also capturing valuable demographic information such as age range, gender, household income level, etc., which can then be utilized for planning future strategies or designing better product offerings.  Before you sign up for a service like this one should consider how much data they’re willing to…

The Results

As you can see from these results, the outcome isn’t perfect. In terms of speed and efficiency, it does great work. However, the passages it does produce are particularly vague, generic and somewhat rudimentary. It’s very easy to read, but not really saying much. In the end, it’s ultimately a question of what your business is looking for.

Our Conclusion For Content Writing AI

So, now we can see what content writing AI is capable of; our assessment is that a tool like this is probably most useful to a small business, with no marketing department, looking to tick the content box. However, if you’re wanting to produce writing that’s informed and technical, this tool may not be so useful. This isn’t to say this tool is completely useless, though. If you’re often staring at a blank page, struggling with writer’s block, a tool like this could be really useful in coming up with ideas you may not have thought of. You could take a seed of an idea it produced, and flesh the text out yourself.

The most noteworthy thing to take away from this is its future potential. Content writing AI may not be perfect, and quite obviously un-human, but keep in mind this kind of tool is in its very early stages. Who knows where it may lead in the future. Technological improvements are inevitable, so if you’re interested in AI automated marketing tools; It’s not a question of if, but rather of when.

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