Preparing To Reopen: A Marketing Checklist

Preparing To Reopen A Marketing Checklist

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After a few very long months, outdoor hospitality, hair & beauty salons, non-essential shops, gyms, and outdoor attractions are all able to open again from the 12th of April. Having been closed since early January, there are certainly many things to consider and organise ahead of next Monday. One such thing is marketing. Here at Unaro, our overall purpose is to make marketing easy and accessible for all, so, this post is going to be a reopening marketing checklist to help you get back to business with a bang… 

Preparing To Reopen: A Marketing Checklist 

01. Post On Your Business’ Social Media

Engage with your followers and post about your reopening. Snap a quick photo of your business preparing to reopen and post on your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter explaining how excited you are to get back to business in the coming days. If you’ve changed your opening hours, COVID protocol or anything else, social media is a great place to broadcast this and make both current and potential customers aware. 

02. Email Your Customer Base Exclusive Offers/Availability

As a thank you for being a loyal customer – and email list subscriber – reach out and offer an exclusive discount via email ahead of next week. If you have any appointments available in the coming weeks, emailing your current customer base about them first is another great way to show that you care. 

03. Schedule An SMS For Monday 12th

With social media and peoples’ email inboxes bound to be full of reopening messages next Monday, sending an SMS might be a better way to ensure your message gets seen. With Unaro, you can schedule your texts ahead of time, meaning there is one less thing to worry about on reopening day. A short snappy SMS is a good way to remind people that you are back to business and ready to welcome them back.

04. Get Involved In Local Community Facebook Groups 

Another often overlooked marketing channel is Facebook groups. There are millions of groups on the platform and over 1.8 billion people use groups every month, so there’s certainly an opportunity there. Each local area tends to have at least one group, so these are a good place to start. That said, each tends to have its own rules and regulations on promotions, so keep an eye out for those. On the topic of groups, there are also lots of small business focussed groups. These can be a great place to find like-minded people and learn new things.

05. Update Your Website With Current Information 

Many businesses often don’t regularly update their website with current information or opening hours. With your phone lines bound to be busy with enquiries, having an up to date website customers can refer to is crucial. Spend some time over the coming days updating your site and ensuring that all key information is easily accessible. If you haven’t already posted your COVID protocol on your site, adding this will reassure customers that they are in safe hands when they visit your business. 

With lots to organise over the next few days, hopefully this marketing checklist will make the marketing side of reopening that little bit easier…

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