5 Reasons You Should Be Collecting Customer Feedback

5 Reasons You Should Be Collecting Customer Feedback

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As a business owner, you are your business’ biggest cheerleader. You’ve overseen the business’ growth and development, and are really proud of what you have managed to achieve. Whilst you’re really happy with how things are going, it’s crucial to regularly get an outsider’s perspective. This is where customer feedback is worth its weight in gold. Hearing how customers view your service allows you the opportunity to improve your offering and provide a better customer experience. Collecting customer feedback is useful for a number of reasons, ranging from ranking higher in Google to losing fewer customers…

5 Reasons You Should Be Collecting Customer Feedback

01. Build a stronger reputation

When your customer feedback is posted online – such as on Google or Trustpilot – prospective customers have the opportunity to find out more about what to expect from your business. If all of your reviews are 5 stars and full of glowing comments, your business will build itself a fantastic reputation. Having regular positive reviews shows that your business is consistently delivering an excellent customer experience. Should customers be looking for a business in their local area, seeing your reviews full of outstanding comments makes choosing yours a no-brainer.


02. Make more informed business decisions

Using genuine comments from your customers, you can look at your business’ operations and make constructive changes. Your customers are the best people to give you feedback as they experience your business from an outside perspective. It’s impossible for you to oversee every business interaction all of the time. So, receiving feedback is a great way of hearing how your staff are handling your business on your behalf, as well as any changes your customers wish to see more generally. Whether it’s your opening hours, staffing numbers or your team’s customer service, make more informed business decisions based on what your customers wish to see.

03. Lose fewer customers

Should a customer have a less than perfect experience, them providing you feedback is a great opportunity for you to turn this experience around. Know what went wrong and what you can do to improve, and action this for the customer. After a negative experience, unless a customer tells you directly, there is often no way for you to know that they were unimpressed with your service. An unhappy customer is unlikely to be a returning customer. Should this happen frequently, your business could be missing out on lots of revenue. Knowing that you can do better allows you the opportunity to work harder, go above and beyond for them, and in return lose fewer customers.

04. Rank higher in Google

When people search for local businesses in their area, having more Google reviews than your competitors is a great way to help your business outrank theirs. This is because, in terms of Google’s search algorithm, online reviews indicate trustworthiness and authority. This means Google is more likely to show your business to searchers. Having a wide variety of reviews showcasing your business hence helps you rank higher in Google without the need for an SEO specialist.

05. Boost morale and motivation

Providing a great customer experience is what it’s all about. Hearing that your customers are impressed with your business is a nice boost to you and your team’s morale. You know that you’re trying your best but hearing positive things from your customers is a great feeling. It’s what makes all of the day to day stresses worth it! 

How are you collecting feedback from your customers? Do you have a process in place to make this simple and pain-free? 

Here at Unaro, our tool Connect makes collecting customer feedback a breeze. It automatically emails customers 24 hours after they’ve visited your business and asks for their feedback. Those who have had a positive experience will be directed to your Google, Trustpilot or Tripadvisor. On the other hand, those who have less than glowing feedback will be sent to a private form to allow you to handle their concerns privately and professionally. Not only does this give you the opportunity to turn it around for them, but it means your online reputation is not compromised. 

Keen to hear more about our automated feedback tool? Just drop your details in the form below and we’ll be in touch!

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