21 Instagram Post Ideas For Restaurants

Restaurants Instagram Post Ideas

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Consistency is crucial for social media success. But, what can you post on your restaurant’s Instagram account? To help make things a little easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of 21 different post ideas. Our whole mission at Unaro is to make marketing simpler for small business owners, so here’s a solid start to your social media strategy for 2022. We’ve also written a Beginner’s Guide To Social Media if you’d like to take things back to basics before diving into this…


21 Instagram Post Ideas For Restaurants 


1. Food porn. Share up-close photos and videos of all of your best looking dishes


2. Tell the story behind your restaurant and why you created it


3. Highlight all of the charity and community work you are doing


4. Show behind the scenes of your chefs making your most popular dishes


5. Get involved with marketing holidays such as ‘National Pizza Day’


6. Encourage one of your team to take over your account and share their day on Instagram


7. Post a giveaway for a free meal and encourage your followers to share your account



8. Re-share photos that your customers have posted online at your restaurant


9. Create an ASMR video with the sounds of your team cooking and preparing your dishes 

10. Introduce each member of your team and their favourite items from the menu



11. Share what your most popular dishes are each month


12. Showcase all new additions to your food and drinks menus


13. Share a customer review or testimonial 



14. Post a timelapse of a busy time at your restaurant 


15. Film a video tour of your restaurant and post it as a Reel


16. Shoutout any local suppliers you have relationships with


17. Highlight that you’re family/dog friendly with candid photos of your customers (with their permission) 


18. Create a recipe video for one of your popular menu items 


19. If they align with your brand and its values, share relevant memes and jokes



20. Create Instagram-specific offers or promotions


21. Answer FAQs and include everything you’d like potential visitors to know about your restaurant


Have any other ideas for restaurant Instagram posts? Drop them in the comments below and help other small business owners grow their social media presence…

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