How To Create Free Guest WiFi For Your Business

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What Is Guest WiFi? 

Guest WiFi is a free internet access point located in your business that allows customers to connect to and use while they’re at your premises. Offering free WiFi to guests has grown in popularity to the point where most guests will now expect it as a service from businesses across the Hospitality and Retail industries. While it’s becoming increasingly popular in businesses across all industries, the advancements in technology mean there are now many more benefits that can help grow your business success and customer retention…with the help of Unaro.

  1. What Is Guest WiFi? 
  2. How To Set Up a Secure Customer network
  3. How Can Free WiFi Benefit Your Business?

How To Set Up a Secure Customer network:

1 – Choose Your ISP

Choose a reliable, fast, and secure ISP (internet service provider. Providers like, Sky, BT, Virgin Media etc..) for your business, if you don’t have one already. Having reliable and secure internet access is a vital step of providing your customers with free WiFi. If your internet connection is unstable or slow it will leave your customers frustrated.

The size of your premises will usually dictate the type of internet connection you’ll need. Smaller businesses can run off a basic fibre optic connection without any issues, as long as the download speeds are above 25mb/s, where larger businesses may need to look at getting a leased line into the business to offer a more reliable connection. 

2- Set Up Your Secure Unaro Access Point

Unaro comes as a plug and play system, take the access point provided out of the box and plug it straight into the back of your existing router with the cable provided. Give it a few moments to configure itself and your free guest WiFi is now set up and ready to go, that was easy wasn’t it?

3 – Create a Branded Login Page For Your Customers

When your customers use your new guest WiFi you’ll want to send them to a branded landing page in order to ask them to log in before they can access the internet. During your onboarding process with Unaro we’ll run through some simple step by step instructions on how you can create your own branded landing page, you can access this through your Unaro dashboard and make any changes yourself in the future if needed. 

4 – Start Collecting Your Customer’s Data

Now that you’ve set up your Unaro access point, your customers can log-in to your WiFi using their social media accounts or email address. No more handing out long WiFi passwords to customers. Every time a customer registers to use your WiFi, Unaro will securely store their data (Name, Email Address, Gender, Date of Birth) into the online portal. As well as collecting generic data from customers you will also have access to useful insights such as number of times a customer has logged in, how long they’ve spent using your WiFi and when their last visit was.

5 – Utilise Your Customer’s Data To Grow Your Business

Once you have collected some valuable customer data you can use a host of in-built marketing tools within the Unaro platform to increase customer retention and turn those one-time customers into the loyal customers you’ve dreamt of. 

  • Unaro Send:

Create captivating and beautiful marketing emails right within Unaro and send them out to specific customer data sets. Send is a great tool to notify your customers of any new offers or deals that might be happening. Feeling generous? You can also send out rewards or coupons to customers to entice them back into your business.

  • Unaro SMS: 

Connect with your customers instantly with text message marketing. Thank them for their recent visit, notify them of an upcoming event, or send them a personalised message on their birthday. It’s all possible from within the Unaro SMS platform.

6 – Review Your Data & Continuously Grow

Unaros dashboard allows you to see all the important statistics about any campaign you’ve sent out. So you can see how many people have opened them, at what times, and what sort of interaction rate you received. This allows you to review the campaign and make any changes ready for next time. 

7 – Improve Your Google Reviews, Automatically 

With Unaros automatic platform you can ask for feedback from your customers after they have visited your business. The simple and un-intrusive form will ask your customers for honest feedback on how their experience was, any positive feedback will be sent straight to your Google Business platform, growing the number of reviews organically and boosting your search engine rankings without you having to lift a finger; while negative feedback will be sent back to you to review, giving you the opportunity to resolve any customer complaints without being posted publicly.

How Can Free WiFi Benefit Your Business?

Customers are coming to expect free WiFi from any business they visit, what was once a luxury service only offered from expensive hotels, is now a necessity for businesses such as local cafes, restaurants, salons, and even dentist waiting rooms. Offering free WiFi to your guests can attract new customers, keep them in for longer and encourage them to return, all are proven to increase sales for your business.

Interested in growing your business with Unaro? Speak to one of our specialists today to see how we can help.

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