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Dental Studio is one of our very successful dental customers using Unaro to grow their online presence. They have two sites, one in Waterlooville and one in Chichester, and are a one stop shop for all things dental. From Invisalign and veneers to check ups and hygiene visits, Dental Studio can do it all. Tom, our videographer, recently went to meet Barbara, their Business Manager, to hear more about their experience with Unaro… 


Why did you choose Unaro?

We chose Unaro because of the professional way that Nathan and Derek had made their contact with us, giving us all of the options and information openly and transparently. First of all, we set up a trial session with them which worked perfectly and that enabled us as a business to make sure we were making the right decision. Then we went from there.

How was getting set up on the platform?

Setup with the platform, I have to say, was so easy. So I’m not the most tech-savvy person. I thought this is going to be difficult but it’s the easiest thing. Nathan talked me through every step. Setting up is literally set up, plug-in and go, it’s that simple. Doing it at this practice took about five minutes, the next practice took five minutes, so perfect.

How has Unaro impacted your business?

So, Unaro has impacted our business in a positive way. We are very much for patient feedback and google reviews, so to have another support network supporting us to get those reviews for our patients and making it really easy has been most helpful. We’ve already had a few more google reviews. 

What sort of results have you seen with Unaro? 

We’ve only been with you for probably two-three months now and we’ve already had an extra 30 reviews so that’s really lifted us. Again, that’s elevated our Google reviews and allows our patients and new patients coming in to see what we’re all about and it’s real feedback so that’s important. 

How do you find using the Unaro dashboard?

I find using the Unaro dashboard really useful. So, I oversee both sites, I can see the amount of patients coming in, who’s logged on at any time and how many emails and information that we’ve gathered. So that’s really useful for our kpis (key performance indicators) and then we discuss that as a team every week. We can see who’s doing what, how many people we’ve got live on there and keep the team pepped up with their google reviews too.

What has your experience been with the Unaro support team?

I have to say the Unaro team support has been amazing. Derek and Nathan, if i have any issues at all or have any questions, they’re both fantastic, really supportive and they’re only a phone call away as well. 

Would you recommend Unaro to others?

I would 100% recommend Unaro, it’s a supportive system. It’s been really good for our patients to see those extra Google reviews and like I said Derek and Nathan have been absolutely fantastic with their level of support. Open, honest, professional, transparent, I’ve had no issues at all. 

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