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Crib Southampton is a new, upcoming venue, situated in the heart of the city centre. They’ve been using Unaro since they first opened, so we sat down with Co-founder and Owner, Jack Purdie, to see how he was getting on and how Unaro has impacted his business. Here’s what he had to say…


Interview Transcript:

So Jack, tell us a bit about yourself and your business…

My name’s Jack and I’m one of the co-owners at Crib Southampton. We are one of Southampton’s only shuffleboard venues. It’s centred around activities, more than just going out and getting drunk. We’ve got Big Doco, which is our sister brand here, which is proud to serve the biggest pizzas in Southampton, at a whopping 23 inches, specialising by the slice. We’ve been open for about six months now. We managed to navigate the COVID impact on hospitality and, yeah, we’re just starting to really establish ourselves in the Southampton marketplace now.


How did you find getting set up with Unaro?

It’s been super easy from start to finish. The team has been incredible in being attentive to all the questions we’ve had. Obviously, we went from having absolutely nothing in terms of email capture and lead capture, so to be able to integrate that into our marketing stack was a bit of a tall order to start with. But literally, from start to finish, the team has been really, really helpful.


How has Unaro impacted your business?

We started at a time where it was notoriously tricky for hospitality to get a grip on what they’re doing, so Unaro actually helped us in giving us that initial boost to take our business up again. I think a lot of businesses could potentially wait months, if not years, to get to that same point, if they hadn’t been using Unaro.

Unaro allows us to have a bit of a leg-up in terms of capturing the details and contacts of people who come into our venue, which then really allows us to re-target them later on with offers, deals, and things they might be interested in, based on their behaviours.


How do you find using the Unaro dashboard?

So, obviously to start with, the dashboard can be a bit daunting. Once you get your head around it, and you understand what it’s trying to achieve, it’s really easy to get it to do what you want it to. If there’s anything we don’t understand, the guys and team at Unaro are super, super helpful. 

It’s really cool to see the live dashboard of who’s in your venue. The demographics of people who are visiting. That in itself is super valuable to know. The split between male and female. The split between who signed up via mobile, or via facebook. Because ultimately, these are details which you can then use further on down the line to target your market strategy, because you know who’s in your venue. Which is insight a lot of venues don’t actually get.


How have you found the support team whilst using Unaro?

The support from the Unaro guys start-to-finish has been fantastic. Literally, the setup, we didn’t even know it was going on until effectively we got an email saying it’s all ready to go. Logged straight in, all ready to go. In fact, it had already started collecting leads. So the team and the help we’ve got from them has been very valuable and, moving forward, I’ve got every confidence that if we ever come across a problem, they’re going to be there to help us.


Finally, would you recommend Unaro? And if yes, why?

Well, yeah, of course! I mean, I have already recommended it to a few friends and colleagues within the industry. Obviously, my experiences are within hospitality, and I recommend hospitality businesses to really leverage and get behind this because we really do have to use every resource available to us. People are not that inclined to sign up to a mailing list, even if you can offer them all the free stuff, all the incentives you want. To have a mailing list which is automatically building and populating behind the scenes with absolutely no input from yourself is massively valuable because your email database, which is effectively a massive asset of the company, is building time after time, day after day. With all people who already know your brand, who already love your product. That is hugely valuable because as soon as you then re-target them, with an email, with a communication, with an offer, they’re going to be so much more receptive to that offer because they already know you. So I think people would actually be doing themselves a disservice not to be using this product.

If you want to find out more about what Unaro can do for you and your business, then enquire below today!

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