3 Ways To Collect Track & Trace Information From Your Visitors

3 Ways To Collect Track & Trace Information From Your Visitors

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Reopening a business in this new post-lockdown world is stressful to say the least. From concerns about future lockdowns and reduced customer footfall, to adhering to all new rules and regulations, collecting data for the government’s Track and Trace system should be the least of your worries.

In this post, we’re going to outline 3 different ways to collect track and trace information as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

3 Ways To Collect Track and Trace Information From Your Visitors 

01. Pen and Paper 

This is by far the cheapest way to collect details. Needing only a pen and some paper, this is by far the simplest solution to implement. That being said, it’s not without its drawbacks. Not only are there potential issues with germ contamination when passing a pen and sheet of paper throughout your business, but, if people’s details aren’t written down clearly there may be issues deciphering what people have written. 

If an outbreak were to occur, you’d have to contact every single person that visited your site. This would involve manually inputting their information into your system and sending them an email or giving them a call. This is obviously a time-consuming process and isn’t the most efficient use of staff time.

02. Unaro Connect 

A new solution, Unaro Connect uses your guest WiFi to send visitors a form to collect necessary information.Simply ask your guests to log in to the WiFi like they usually would and here you can collect the details you need for the government’s Track and Trace scheme. If guests don’t have a device with them or it’s out of charge, front of house can manually add their details to the system for them. 

It’s important to note that data is only stored for 21 days before being auto-deleted. Not only does this mean you can put your guests’ minds at ease that you’re not holding their data indefinitely, but if they visit again during this timeframe they don’t need to log in again and submit the same information.

Here, if an outbreak were to occur, Unaro will contact authorities on their behalf and all government protocols will be adhered to. This is hence a time-saving solution for those who don’t have the time to manually contact every visitor.

03. QR Code 

Another option is a QR Code. These are essentially just barcodes that can be read by modern devices such as smartphones. Once scanned, they send the user to a webpage which is usually the company’s website. QR Codes can be utilized for Track & Trace, however, by sending visitors to a form to fill out all necessary contact information. 

The disadvantages of using this method is that it relies on users having an internet connection. Without one, the QR Code is useless. Users cannot connect to the form, so if you’re in an area with poor service or your WiFi doesn’t cover the whole building, you won’t be able to collect the needed details and your guests may be left feeling unsafe or uncomfortable.

Another potential issue with this Track and Trace solution is that you need to create many copies of the code and plaster them across your building which can be unsightly. 

So, there we have it, 3 ways to collect Track and Trace information from your visitors. A digital solution is definitely the most time-efficient choice as once they are set up they run themselves. Interested in signing up for Unaro Connect? Get in touch here!

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