5 Benefits Of Having More Google Reviews

5 Benefits Of Having More Google Reviews

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So, you’ve heard that getting more Google Reviews is good for your business… But, you’re not entirely sure just what they can do to help you. You’ve been getting a few per month but don’t think they’ve done all that much for your sales or success. Yes, it’s nice getting some kind comments every once in a while but why else are they important? In this post we’re going to run through five benefits of having more Google Reviews…

5 Benefits Of Having More Google Reviews

01. Rank higher in Google for free

Getting your business to the top of Google when customers search for ‘XYZ in my area’ is no mean feat. With many companies competing to rank the highest in their area, besides spending lots of time and/or money on an SEO strategy, getting to the top can seem somewhat impossible. One of the factors that Google considers when working out where to rank different web pages is online reviews. This is because they indicate trustworthiness and authority. So, having a wide variety of reviews showcasing your business hence helps you rank higher in Google.   

02. Increase your Social Proof 

This is the psychological phenomenon whereby the actions and attitudes of other people influence how we behave. Let’s say that you’ve travelled to a new city for a weekend away and are looking for somewhere to have dinner on the evening you arrive. You google ‘pizzerias near me’ and a list of three show up. One has 10 reviews, one has 25 and the other has 100. Based on the number of reviews alone, which restaurant are you most likely to choose? This is an example of social proof. We are more likely to follow the masses, particularly when we’re unsure ourselves. If lots of people like it, it’s got to be good, right?

03. Send more traffic to your website

Not only do Google display your business’ name and address when users search for you, but they also include a link to your website via Google My Business. This is a free way to send more users to your website. Should they like what they see, more visitors mean more potential customers! If your current website isn’t currently up to date with any changes to operations, it is definitely worth getting the content changed!

04. Create content for social media 

Posting your Google reviews on other platforms helps build your credibility. There are many online platforms that allow you to make simple graphics with a few clicks. All you need is a branded template with your logo, the reviewer’s name and their review. These posts work particularly well with reviews that outline exactly how you go above and beyond for your customers.

05. Outshine your competitors 

The ultimate aim of most businesses is to be the best. Whether it be the dental practice providing the most pain-free, professional service or a restaurant with the tastiest food. Having the highest star rating in the area is a great way to outshine your local competitors. It can be difficult to please everyone, so it’s unlikely for a business to have only 5 star reviews. But, with a higher number of reviews, a few unhappy ones are far outweighed by the great ones. However, for those with only a handful of reviews, one bad review is far more detrimental. Hence, having a greater volume of reviews and a better score overall, is one way to outshine your competitors!

And there we have it, 5 benefits of having more Google reviews. Looking to increase the number of reviews your business has? We can help you with that! With our Unaro Connect software, automatically send Google review requests 24 hours after guests visit your business. How do we do it? Check out our Connect page to learn more!

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