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The first ever email was sent in 1971 and it wasn’t until 1978 that this technology was utilised for marketing with the first ever email blast. In 2021, according to Statista, over 316.9 billion emails are sent everyday. Email marketing is an avenue used by many businesses to increase their customer engagement and ultimately their revenue. Here on the Unaro blog, we’ve previously outlined the benefits of SMS Marketing, so, today it felt only right that we take a deeper dive into Email Marketing and its benefits. Let’s get started, shall we?

5 Benefits of Email Marketing

– Cheap Form of Marketing

Many marketing channels have costs associated with them, such as Facebook Ads, Direct Mail and Leaflets, and SMS. Email marketing, however, is often free, and if not, it’s very affordable. With the only potential cost associated with email marketing being access to a platform, it’s a great marketing route for those looking to spread awareness of their brand without the need for a large bill. 

– Easy for All 

Not only is it affordable, but you also don’t need a graphic design degree, a videographer or an ad specialist to get this marketing strategy underway. We’re all very well acquainted with emailing, we’ve all been doing it for years. It’s just a case of writing to your customers in a way that will keep them interested. This is simple enough when it’s your business that you’re very passionate about and you have an upcoming promotion or news to share!

– Fast Turnaround Times 

Because of the low production needed, email marketing can be used when deadlines are tight. You can draft, send and deliver your message within minutes, and reap the rewards almost instantly. Many email marketing platforms also provide email templates, making this process even quicker.

– Only Send to Relevant Customers 

Unlike other forms of marketing (like social media marketing), within many email marketing tools you are able to segment your audience. This means you can split them up into groups that are relevant to your business and marketing. Common groups – or segments – include gender, age and even ‘Active Users’ i.e. those who often open your emails. So, rather than spam everyone with the same message, Email Marketing allows you to tailor your message to different audiences. 

– Very High Return On Investment (ROI)

Not only is email marketing a fairly affordable option, both in terms of software costs and time needed, but it has a very high return on investment. Research by Litmus showed that for every $1 invested in email marketing, an average return of $42 is generated. ROIs this high are rarely seen in other marketing channels, particularly those with such a low barrier of entry. This makes it a very popular tool amongst small businesses. 

Email marketing has a wide range of different benefits and can be utilised by different businesses in different ways. With 80% of small businesses relying on email marketing for customer retention, it’s definitely not a channel that is going to be going anywhere any time soon. 

Here at Unaro, we’ve developed our own email marketing tool, complete with a jargon-free dashboard and premade email templates. Take the hassle out of email marketing with Unaro Send and reap the rewards of email marketing today!

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