7 Steps To Getting Back To Business After Lockdown

7 Steps To Getting Back To Business After Lockdown

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Here in England, our four week lockdown has come to an end. The new tier system has begun and localised guidance starts once again. The Pfizer vaccine has also been approved for use next week meaning things should start getting back on track very soon. So, in this post we’re going to outline 7 steps to getting back to business after lockdown and beyond…

7 Steps To Getting Back To Business After Lockdown

01. Follow All Updated Tier Restrictions and Guidance

Keep an eye out for any changes you might need to make to your operations following the latest tier announcements. Currently, the government is set to update area guidance every 2 weeks. In short, the changes to the hospitality sector are as follows:

Tier 1 – Pubs, restaurants and cafés can open offering table service only. Pubs that do not serve food are allowed to open and the ‘rule of six’ is in place. Last orders can be called at 10pm, with people allowed to finish their food and drinks by 11pm.

Tier 2 – Pubs, restaurants and cafés are allowed to reopen if they serve substantial meals alongside alcohol. Only people of the same household can visit for table service inside only. However, the ‘rule of six’ applies outdoors. Last orders can be called at 10pm, with people allowed to finish their food and drinks by 11pm.

Tier 3 – Pubs and restaurants are allowed to open for a takeaway service only. 

It’s good news for gyms too, they’re allowed to open regardless of their tier! Unsure which tier you’re in? This page on the government website can tell you.

02 Email Your Customer Base Letting Them Know You’re Back

Come back with a bang, draft an email and get in touch with everyone in one go. It’s important to note, however, that timing is going to be key. There are bound to be a LOT of these emails sent over the next few days, so schedule it for a time that is going to be relevant to your readers. Don’t get lost in the masses of emails bound to end up in people’s inboxes.

03. Update Your Opening Hours Online

If you’ve decided to change, reduce or extend your opening hours, be sure to update them online. Whether it be on Google My Business, your website, or a local business directory, let your customers know when they can come and visit you.

04. Reassure Your Staff & Keep Them Updated 

Following this challenging year and the uncertainties it has caused, it’s unsurprising that your staff might be feeling a little overwhelmed. Reassure them, let them know you have a plan and keep them up to date with any changes or improvements you have for the business. Those who have been furloughed for a long period might take a little while to get back into the swing of work, be gentle with them and offer any additional training they might need.

05. Encourage New Google Reviews

Now that you’re back, it’s a great time to get your name out there and outrank your competitors. How? With Google Reviews. Why? There are many benefits of having more Google Reviews including increased social proof, more web traffic and ranking higher in Google. P.S. In case you haven’t seen it yet, Anthony Joshua is currently the face of a new ad promoting Google Reviews, it’s definitely worth a watch!

06. Keep Customers In The Loop With SMS Marketing 

If you want a quicker way to update your customer base, SMS Marketing is an easy way to send short, snappy updates at the click of a button. Open rates are 97% and above meaning you can be fairly certain that a large majority of your customers will see your updates. 

07. Reward Customer Loyalty

Now is the time to thank those who have supported you over the past year or so. Whether it be a heartfelt email or a bespoke discount code, let your customers know that you’re very grateful for their support during this challenging year. 

From getting back in touch with your customers to updating your opening hours, there are many things to think about as we come out of lockdown and get back to business. Here at Unaro we offer an SMS Marketing tool – drop your details in the form below and we’ll be in touch with more details!

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